Dr Andrea Di Sante, MRCVS, Main Veterinary Surgeon

Hi, my name is Andrea,

I am originally from Italy where I qualified in Veterinary Medicine (Univesita' Degli Studi Di Milano, Milan 2008).

I always wanted to travel and discover new cultures and places so where a job position in the UK was offered to me straight after graduation, I did not hesitate for a second and three weeks later I was in South Wales to start a new adventure and my veterinary career!

From 2008 till 2011 I have been working for the FSA (Food Standard Agency) as Official Veterinarian dealing mainly with meat controls and animal welfare.

My vocation has always been working with small animals so in 2010 I moved to the North West and I started working for a very busy small animal hospital in West Lancashire, looking after cats dogs and small furries. Since then I always focused on small animal medicine.


Mobile Vet

Providing an affordable but still efficient veterinary service for the immunisation of puppies and kittens  in North West


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